Technology Guide 4: Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent system refers to real-time systems of a new wave, which is more connected, with enormous processing power to facilitate the execution of a complex application. This has aided in restructuring the real globe, as well as the manner in which people interact. Worst Golf websites include Golf Digest and LPGA. Among the principle Golf websites in the globe include, World Golf, PGA.Com, Golf Web, The Golf, World Golf,, and ESPN-Golf.

World Golf offers product information like modes of shipping and marketing uses, which contain addresses, email contact, third party goods, and affiliates to contact the customer concerning the advancements, services and products (Poulin, 2006). The industry also offers customer reviews, as observed from Hank Haney of world Golf. The Company offers foot joy closeouts, 558 RTX wedges, gloves, accessories and wears at an affordable cost. World Golf provides information concerning the number of users who purchases the substances. This helps the industry to advance on the quality of the present products, and come up with the best form of attracting more customers. However, it is evident that the information regarding products that clients buy after first purchase is not offered clearly. Being one of the utmost popular website, it is apparent that it gives recommendations on combination of goods that customers buy (Poulin, 2006). They have a policy that state, when looking for golf equipment, one should make up for a comprehensive set of fittings. For instance, their rule instructs a customer to procure a complete set of fittings from putter, to driver and wedges. This qualifies them to make perfect choices of accessories for their clients.

PGA.Com provides comprehensive information regarding the products. It is evident that PGA offer hypermedia coverage of PGA. Their coverage do not require login as the watchwords and name are offered to provider of TV services.  There is also adequate information on the products that they have. For instance, they have professional golfers such as Hank, who directs the customers on the manner in which the products should be used such as errant shots, and the usage of wedges and drivers. I acknowledge that customer review is observed in this site. For instance, Hank Haney offers a DVD, which provides proper instruction on manner, in which drivers should be used.  It is also evident that the Company does not deal with related products. However, they established a relationship with business partners to permit their clients to link directly to those websites (Kim, 2001). It is an easy way of coordinating with third parties. However, the third party may be permitted to attain personal information, which may be unveiled to PGA (Kuo, 2001). The website does not offer information on the number of people who purchase the products. It occurs because they act as intermediaries between the clients and their business partners. This business partners provides an allowance of combined purchase of the objects. For instance, cold weather outfits such as gloves are allowed to be purchased with accessories like wedges and drivers.

In conclusion, my suggestion is that, Harrison Kirby should make a Golf website that has sufficient information such as the manner in which his products will be able to reach the clients in an easy and faster manner. Being a small business with insufficient resources, it is important to sell products which have lower prices to attract many clients. The cost of accessories should be affordable. It is also vital that they should have partnership with other business associates, to help him find diverse products that are correlated, at reasonable prices. It will also enable him to come up with the system, which can enable him acquire the information on the how people are purchasing his products. It will also help him acknowledge the rate at which his business is growing. Finally, I suppose that at any Golf websites, selling of combined products is an essential practise because, it saves time as offers greater variety of products to be offered to clients.



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