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Those calculations can get anyone to be nervous. Yet, not when you give them to professionals with the required knowledge. No matter what academic level you are currently at, by placing your order with us you`ll get the whole bunch of benefits for your scientific problem.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

Research Paper: Root Cause Analysis

Essay: Analyze the instruction practice in three schools

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Mathematics and Statistics

Uggh. That’s how lots of students feel about their coursework assignments that involve math and/or statistics.

In fact, there are three types of students who face math assignments related to their coursework:

  • There are the non-STEM majors who have to take the basic math courses for their general education requirements. These are history, sociology, fine arts, etc. majors who have no interest in math and who perhaps have not done well in math in their pasts. They are now faced with such coursework as college algebra, and they are feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.
  • There are those majoring in fields that are math-related – architecture, economics, engineering, chemistry, physics – and in those that are semi-math related, such as psychology, which engage in research and statistical analysis. They struggle with the math-related coursework they face.
  • And finally, there are students who are majoring in math and who, as they move into their upper level and/or graduate coursework, can experience great difficulty and need to find help to complete their coursework.

All three of these student groups have issues and problems. And all three can find the help they need right here.

The Common Problem

What all of these three groups have in common is that they are struggling. The level of their studies isn’t the issue – all of them need specific types of help.

Non-STEM Majors

College algebra is a challenging course for students who have never excelled in math. Having a mediocre record in algebra and other high school math courses, this basic required college course can be overwhelming. It assumes that students are proficient when, in fact, they are not. Some students have to take remedial math coursework before they can even take the required class.

We feel your pain. And we’re ready to step in with the help you need. When you face assignments that you do not understand, you can turn to Essay State. We will provide you with a professional tutor with a degree in math. Just upload your assignment(s), stay in touch with your tutor as s/he completes the work. What you will get back is the completed assignment that shows the step-by-step process to solve each problem. And if you don’t understand anything, you can continue your conversation until you do.

Math-Related Majors

If you are in a field of study that requires higher-level mathematics – equations, problem-solving, and/or statistics, we have mathematicians with graduate degrees ready to help you out.

Again, upload your assignment, and we will find the perfect tutor – one who can provide a detailed explanation of the solution, so that the entire process is a learning experience for you.

Math Majors – Undergraduate or Graduate Levels

Here is where things can get very complex. Math modeling, lengthy computations, and problem research are typical assignments, and students can slave over these assignments for days at a time.

If you hit a snag, you don’t have to lose sleep or suffer the stress of a deadline that you may not be able to meet. We have Ph.D. mathematicians, physicists, and statisticians on call for students just like you. And once you have been matched with the perfect tutor, you will want to return to that individual for future help. It just happens that way. Many of our graduate students and our tutors have long-standing relationships. This is probably because students receive their completed assignments, of course, but also because our pros are amazing teachers as well. They can provide the explanations that students need to understand how the research was conducted, how the modeling was constructed, and how computational answers were achieved.

Additional Benefits – You’ll be Happy

When you choose Essay State for your math/statistics coursework needs, you get plenty of other things to be happy about:

  • We can keep a secret. We encrypt all of your personal information and secure it behind firewalls that have never been breached. You can count on us for complete confidentiality. (Of course, we will be happy to receive any referrals you may want to give to friends).
  • You will have access to your tutor. You can ask questions; you can request more clarification; you can just say thank you once you have your work and you understand how solutions were found.
  • We do sweeten the pot with discounts – check our site often to see what you qualify for
  • If you have any trouble navigating the order process or just want some questions answered before you order, our customer support department never sleeps. (Actually, they do have lives and sleep in between their shifts). But there will always be someone manning the desk to help you.

Whether you hate math or love it, there will be times when tough assignments are creating some havoc in your life. No matter what time of day or night it may be, don’t spend one more minute agonizing over work you can’t see your way through. Get to us, fill out your order form, upload your problem(s) and let us find the perfect mathematician to make it all right again. You have our guarantee that we will meet your deadline, no matter how tight it may be.

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