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One of the most important assignments to perform in college is a dissertation. It can take hours, days, and weeks to be done. Thus, our expert team of writers and editors is ready to solve any issue you might have with your professional writing. 

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

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We encourage all of our customers to provide feedback after their orders have been fulfilled.

Research Paper: Human Papilloma Virus

Research Paper: Construction Industry Sector Analysis

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And Now…Only the Dissertation Remains

Finally, you are “ABD.” It’s a good feeling to have all of that coursework behind, and you are feeling mighty accomplished. You should. Take a week or two to celebrate, while you renew your energy for the final “lap” – that dissertation.

Getting To the Question

You may have already decided on your research question. If not, you at least have your general topic area, and your first step will be to identify and refine that question and get it approved by your advisor. Here are a couple of things to think about as you set about getting to that question:

  • Choose a research area in which you have a strong interest. Some Ph.D. students make the mistake of letting advisors steer them into research areas that they have an interest in. Don’t be a people pleaser here. If you let someone else’s pet project become yours, you will not have the enthusiasm and motivation necessary to really go after it.
  • In your general topic area, dig deep into existing research. By doing this, you may have one of those great “aha” moments and hit upon an exciting topic – building on the research of someone else, disrupting the conclusions that another researcher has made, or an idea for replicating research that you think has been solid.
  • Take your time writing the formal research question. You have obviously read many other such questions, so you have a good idea of format. To craft your own question, think seriously about the goal of your research, for this will be the “meat” of your question. Present the final question to your advisor and take any suggestions s/he may have for further refinement (as long as it doesn’t corrupt what you want to do).

Pre-Proposal Work/Proposal Submission

You have some serious work to do before that proposal is submitted to your advisor and committee. That proposal must include key sections and information, and skipping any components will send you back for a re-write. You will have to include:

  • A justification of the importance of what you propose to do
  • A summary of the early research you have conducted that justifies this project
  • A description of your research design and instruments and what you intend to show from the data you collect
  • A timeline for completing each chapter

Proposals are tough to write. To help, read accepted proposals of other students in your department. And if you need help, let us provide you with a Ph.D. in your field who has plenty of experience in proposal writing.

Now the Real Work Begins

By now, reality is beginning to set in. You understand the magnitude of the project before you. Here are some suggestions as you work through your 4-5 chapters.

  • Don’t get bogged down in your literature review. It’s the least exciting and most tedious part of your work. Start your research as soon as possible, because that will tend to keep you motivated. Moving back and forth between the review and your research will provide variety that you need.
  • Don’t write your introduction until the entire piece is finished. If you do, you will find yourself re-writing it anyway.
  • Organize your data as it is collected. You’re going to have to present it in a logical manner, and early organization will streamline the eventual write-up. Decide which visuals you will be using to present the data.
  • If you are not skilled in statistical analysis, find the help you need in advance, so that your data can be turned over as soon as it is complete, and there won’t be delays.

Recognize and Deal with the Frustrations and the Burnout

It’s bound to happen. No one can spend 12-18 months on a single project, trying to stay on schedule and get around roadblocks, without periods of anger, frustration, anxiety, and just plain burnout. It’s important to recognize these and to accept them as normal. It may be time for a break. Taking a week off is not a major “sin,” so long as you return once that week is over. And don’t isolate yourself from friends and family – you do have a life outside of this dissertation.

Not taking breaks will lead to inability to focus and ultimate procrastination – both are “killers.”

And if the frustration is because you are “stuck,” then get some help. A Ph.D. academic from Essay State may be just the solution to get you through a roadblock and moving on.

What Can We Offer?

The answer is anything you need. Whether you are in the early stages of crafting your research question of proposal; whether you need help with designing your research and selecting; whether you need someone to just get that literature review finished; whether you are struggling with data presentation or statistical analysis, it doesn’t matter.

We will assign a Ph.D. to meet your needs, small or large – an academic from your research field who has the expertise to provide the highest quality research and writing services to you.

And these services are on your terms. You control what specific services you need and the timeline for them to be completed. What’s more, our work for you is not complete until you say so, no matter how many revisions you may want.

One concern that students have is confidentiality. We guarantee it, and our secure systems have never been breached.

When you are ready to get the help that will streamline your dissertation work, we are here to help. Get in touch with us, and let’s talk. 

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